WAFER gets dairy supply, money for new cooler


Last time they were in La Crosse, they brought massive amounts of music.  This time they are back with massive amounts of food.  Making good on the promise of a long-term investment in the Mid-western communities they serve, organizers Turner Berg, Reed Grimm, and Shannon Pitzele of the Minneapolis based non-profit Massive Amounts of Good...  


The Good in Action

Working to make a difference in the lives of the people around us, creating Massive Good!!



Massive Amounts of charity isn't seasonal, which is why we are active throughout the calendar year.  YOU can get active through attending one of our events or becoming active in your community.  Reach out to us and we will help in any way we can.  If you are a nonprofit looking to collaborate, great! 

  • Produced song "Chef Lucas" - available for download - 100% of revenue to charity
  • Solicited huge donation of dairy products feeding thousands of people in Western Wisconsin
  • Money raised for Open Arms of Minnesota - feeding the sick
  • Numerous concerts and events held throughout the Midwest
  • "Fight the Freeze" event, clothing for the needy in Minnesota
  • Massive Amounts of Good Tour that raised awareness and funds via concerts held across the Midwest

Massive Amounts of Good Fundraising

A core component in the exempt purpose of Massive Amounts of Good is the production of media & events that support non-profits.  The team has produced events at venues across the Midwest and beyond.  "Show it to grow it" means digital media like video are utilized to spread information and advance the good. 


Our Mission

The Creative Process in Action

Massive Amounts of Good is focused on making a positive impact on a diverse group of individuals, directly within their space in our culture, through the utilization of the creative gifts and energy of its community.  We focus on food insecurity and other issues impacting underserved socio-economic groups.


Massive Amounts of Good - In The News

  • Media production and awareness campaigns for non-profits including music and video
  • "Instruments of Good" initiative @ Revival Music Festival resulting in thousands of meals for the sick in Minnesota
  • Annual "Ton of Love" food drive at the Big Wu Family Reunion
  • Web Based Docu-Series - "Doing Good with Food" - YouTube Link in "The Visuals"
  • Web Based "Artist Series" highlighting the creative process and "music as medicine"
  • And much more to come...



Massive Amounts of Good, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, continues to devote its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy and socio-economically underrepresented members of our local communities. Find out how you can contribute to the assistance of someone in need.  The easiest way is email us at  

2020 Update: MAOG Emergency Food Assistance Fund - In response to the global pandemic MAOG is activating in support of creators, musicians, and hospitality workers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.